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Web app : The best practices

As the mobile sessions are more numerous, the behavior of users becomes more and more demanding. Waiting times must be shortened by consulting a website and features must be easy to use.

Mobile devices are also a showcase of the Web as on computers and the principles applied on the Web are found in the mobile Web application design.

A few basic rules

Always keep in mind that SEO is essential. Obvious principle, but always to remember.

-Use of downstream rather than upstream analytical tools to effectively manage the behavior of the user.
-It is necessary to compress content before sending.
-Choose a unique URL address.
-A non-JavaScript variant would be useful to predict.
-RESS will increase the reactivity of the mobile interfaces.
-Mobify.js, among other examples, is intended for the destination of bookstores.
-Approved markup DOCTYPE is XHTML Basic. This code is one that behaves best on mobile devices without forgetting to notify the character encoding.
-If you can, avoid too many cookies to facilitate the loading of the web publication.
-Share the administration of the application between terminals.



A few tips

Submit geolocation to customize user of user's requests and provide a more effective response and thus retain them.

Push notifications are useful to recall the existence of an application that could be abandoned.

Strategy (cross-device) allows to download a set of applications related to a parent application, only once, which is a plus for the consumer.

Keep in mind, the efficiency and simplicity are to focus on aesthetics.

Some Web technologies are more specifically relevant to mobile terminals.

Adapt to technologies for mobile for the launch of the application and thus maximize the startup of the time.

Don't forget, either,  the screen size targeted.

And Clients

Free users informing them of the use of the personal information collected, leaving them the choice of interface and to encourage them to choose the automatic logon. You will earn their trust and loyalty.

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